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About EMN Working Group Exchange platform

<br>In the implementation of the strategic plan 2009 - 2011, EMN launched Working Groups in order to strengthen the involvement of its members in EMN’s activities. This website has been designed to facilitate the exchange of information among EMN members and the Working Groups and present the Working Group activities and achievements.

Working Groups



This working group aims to develop a framework for a practice-based assessment of MF organizations in Europe, in order to identify success factors for realizing a growth strategy. more..

Social Performance Measurement Working Group led by TriodosFacet (The Netherlands)

Social performance is defined as the effective translation of an institution’s social goals into practice in line with accepted social values. The priority of this WG is to get a better idea of the relevance and maturity of social performance according to the EMN members. more..

Legal Environment and Regulation led by Réseau Financement Alternatif (Belgium)

This working group gives the opportunity to develop and improve lobbying activities at European and national levels, and also to give EMN members the opportunity to share experience on legal environment and regulation of the microfinance field in Europe. more..

Research Working Group led by Fondazione Risorsa Donna

The mission of the EMN Research Working Group is to conduct and support research on microfinance in Europe. The overall aim is to offer all European microfinance stakeholders robust knowledge and best practices to fight social and economic exclusion and to promote microentrepreneurship and self-employment. more..


The main mission of this Working Group is to support asset-building in Europe through sharing information and resources and influencing policy. more..



  • European Microfinance Research Award

    The RWG is the lead organisation of the European Microfinance Research Award initiative. The initiative was begun in 2008 by Fundación Nantik Lum in collaboration with the European Microfinance Network.